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Clockwise, from top right:

The Islands Café. Occupying fully one third the length of the ship, the café is so long, it includes two banks of elevators! Here, we see the aft portion, and an example of how it wastes enormous amounts of space. In spite of the rest of the café having a crowded feel, here, it is an empty room! The carpeting is an example of K-Mart’s finest industrial grade!

In this view of Islands Café, we see the poles (arrow) that dot the pathways of the room. Celebrity makes a fuss about having Waiters available to carry passengers trays. This is more in keeping passengers from bumping into the poles situated in their paths, than as a courtesy. Of course, it is billed as a luxury! It is better than running into the stupid pole, so if that makes it a luxury, so be it!

The entrance to Aqua Spa, one of the finest such facilities at sea. Its décor is a bit stark, but it does do the job.

The HydroTherapy Spa Bath. Different stations massage and provide treatment for different parts of the body. For someone interested in a spa treatment, this facility makes the hardships endured on this ship worthwhile!

The Hemisphere Observation Lounge and Disco. Free computer games, in a lounge with a complex floor plan. At night, there is a great fuss made about the “raising of the dome” ceremony. Don’t bother attending! The dome is up all day, and only lowered at night so they can raise it! With great fanfare, smoke, and flashing lights, it goes up! WOW! Your time is better occupied elsewhere. In a typical display of incompetence, this is the location chosen for the "Captains Welcome Aboard Party"! The room has a capacity of 450 people; there are 900 passengers in each dinner seating attending this party! DUH!!

The Observation area of Hemispheres. Large windows encircle the lounger, wrapping above him. Have the designers ever heard of “solar heating”? It gets HOT in here! The arrow indicates one of several telescopes, thoughtfully provided. Most are inoperative however, the eyepieces, long ago, having been stolen. At night, those seeking to “observe” are greeted with their reflection, nothing else! Yet another error of design!

Clockwise, from top left:

An escalator leading from Promenade to Entertainment decks. It’s necessary because the Celebrity theater can’t be entered from Promenade deck without first climbing a steep set of stairs. The escalator is a concession to yet another mistake on the part of the designers.

The Movie Theater. On any other ship, a room this stark would be called a meeting room. On Century, it’s included in the stats as a movie theater! It makes it look like it has features not included in other ships. Again, good salesmanship. Never take a salesman at his word!

The Ship Mates Fun Factory. This isn’t a bad facility for kids. Lots of nooks and crannies, a computer area contained within the yellow submarine/space ship enclosure. But, why is it located on the bottom most deck, OUTSIDE passenger cabins??

Not shown…much has been made about the “fine art collection” on board. On Century, this “fine art” is little more than the stuff sold on board by the auctioneers. There are no real originals, only prints and other mechanically re-produced "art" pieces. Were this stuff to ever disappear, the world would never miss it. It takes only reprinting to replace!

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