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Clockwise, from top right:

The Casino Royale. It’s colorful, gaudy even! It’s noisy! It has an air of excitement! It’s a Casino: it belongs that way!

The Chorus Line Show-lounge. This is as good a facility as would be found in a downtown theater of a large city. It features great site-lines, very comfortable seating, and is an extraordinary venue in which to take a show.

A Touch of Class Champagne Bar. One of those quiet places on board that the “professional critics” never seem able to find. Provides a good locale for a before dinner drink with new, best friends, or a romantic interlude with an old love.

The Library and Conference Center. This is not a small version of a Public Library. Rather, more like a reading room in a fine Gentlemen’s Club. A great place to relax, with, or without, a good book.

The Blue Skies Lounge. The venue for Ballroom dancing and Sumo Wrestling. Also a good, brightly lit day room.

Royal Caribbean’s trademark Schooner Bar. A fixture on every ship in the fleet, this is the piano lounge during the evenings, and the wide-screen TV makes it an excellent sports bar during the day. Overall, the one on Majesty is one of the prettiest bars at sea.

Clockwise, from upper Left:

The Paint Your Wagon Lounge. This is the alternate lounge, and the locale of Royal Caribbean’s famous: Majesty Quest.

A second view of the multi-level, Paint Your Wagon Lounge.

The On Your Toes Nightclub. The HOT spot to be after midnight and the place to work off those midnight buffet calories!

The Ship Shape Center. If you still have calories that you weren’t able to exercise in the nightclub the night before, try doing it here. With a complete set of machines, aerobic center, and, ahhhhhh….spa facilities where the masseur does all the work!!!

Or, how about a game of Basketball in the shadow of the Royal Caribbean’s trademark Viking Crown Lounge.

The Teen Disco. Adults shouldn’t even TRY to get in! You WILL be evicted! To the great Glee of the teens! Turnabout is fair play!!

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