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Clockwise, from top left:

The Pool area, at sunrise. Take a quiet respite with a cup of coffee while the sun rises on a new day and, a seemingly, brand new ship.

The twin pools and the extra wide deck lend a feeling of spaciousness to a deck area that fills with 2500 passengers. The first sea day, this area will be swarming. After that, it tends to empty out as everyone nurses their sunburns gotten the first day.

The distinctive Viking Crown with the attached Crown and Anchor makes a lovely addition to any skyline.

Even buses can be made to look good!

The indoor portion of the Windjammer Café. Large floor to ceiling windows and two levels make this one of the more commodious cafes on any ship. Morning diners can enjoy their meals while watching the ships entry into the days port. Four buffet lines easily accommodate passengers without long lines. If you come across a line, keep walking forward! Most passengers, mistakenly, stop at the first one they come across, and then go home complaining about the long lines.

The outdoor segment of the Windjammer with the twin glass waterfalls, one of which is visible here. Easily accessed from the pool areas, bathing suits are quite suitable attire.

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