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Clockwise from upper right:

The truly CHEAP SEATS, an inside standard stateroom. With the lights off, it seems huge, but, otherwise, it was a bit tight. The cabin would be acceptable for cruises of 7 days or less, but, we were on for longer….and it did begin to wear on us. The shower is of the type that you must exit in order to retrieve the soap. The cruise experience provided by this ship more than overcame any deficiencies of the cabin!

The Showboat Lounge, one of two large lounges on this small ship. Entertainment varied from full costumed production shows to Opera. All wonderful!

The name “Nordic Prince” proudly emblazoned on the bow. Now, sadly, missing!

The Compass and Sun decks. Plenty of space for spreading out around the pool. Royal Caribbean mastered the design, now widely copied by other ships designed for warm weather cruising. The design doesn’t work in cold weather areas, but in the Caribbean, it's WONDERFUL! This is also the location of the deck café, which, unfortunately, had an aura of cheeziness about it. Sun Viking’s stern placement was a far better location.

The Camelot Dining Room. These were among the first ships to locate the dining rooms up high to provide views of the sea for breakfast and lunch diners. Wisely, it is centrally located to minimize motion during rougher seas, a lesson lost on many newer ship designs which, improperly, place then at the stern!

The Main Entrance Hall, location of the Purser and Shore Excursion desks.

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