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A standard, inside stateroom, cat F. This IS small, no doubt about it, a bit too small! It is manageable, if you minimize on your packing and your shopping. Since Sovereign is now doing only 3-4 day itineraries, it should no longer be a problem however. If you find yourselves doing a longer cruise on Sovereign or on one of her sisters, I would recommend springing for a standard outside, which, although only slightly larger, is much more usable and provides more usable storage space.

The basketball court behind the Viking Crown. The court is now enclosed by chain link. Royal Caribbean finally got tired of replacing basketballs which continuously went over the side.

The shops of Centrum.

The Windjammer Café. This it she indoor portion of the café designed for casual breakfast and luncheons. It is divided into indoor and outdoor areas with four buffet lines. If the first line you come to is long, keep on walking, there is bound to be a shorter one just a few steps away.

The twin pool areas. Look at all the people on this crowded ship!! Well, it truly does tend to fill up, but there is more than enough room to accommodate any and all sun-worshipers.

The Ship Shape Center. Work off those calories, there is a meal just around the corner!! Hurry!

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