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Clockwise, from top right:

Centrum, the grand entranceway to Splendour and the crossroads of the ship. Since both levels of the King and I Dining Room are entered from Centrum, this is THE place to gather. Musicians provide quiet, pre-dinner entertainment within the wonderful acoustical setting of this soaring atrium. Five levels of glass walls provide an air of openness and intimacy with the sea making this one of the best spots on the ship in which to spend quality time!

Glass walled elevators whisk passengers to all, important areas of the ship, exiting the Centrum ceiling with a spectacular view of the Pool Deck and finally, speeding into the tunnel-like enclosure leading to the Viking Crown Lounge. For the first time, these ships have integrated the Viking Crown into the overall layout of the ship, and the design works beautifully! The ďSolar RingĒ on the upper portion of the picture is one of the many sculptures that lend interest to the architectural spaces throughout the ship.

At the base of Centrum, in the space traditionally occupied by the Purserís desk on other Royal Caribbean vessels, is the Champagne Bar. This wonderfully intimate lounge is another area in which to spend some time before dinner.

A Category D, Superior Ocean View Stateroom, with Verandah. This, the sitting area, includes a couch that opens into a bed providing accommodations for third and fourth passengers staying in the cabin. Access to the verandah is provided through sliding glass doors that lock in any open position. Storage space is voluminous and includes a refrigerator (not a pay bar) and safe.

The view in the opposite direction shows the relationship of the couch in the foreground with the queen sized beds in the background. The bed divides to become separate twins, each with their own night stand.. Closet space is sufficient for cruises of several weeks in duration.

Clockwise from upper right:

The Promenade deck. The nicely padded deck provides a cushioned, non slip surface for walking. Unfortunately, it circles the rear of the ship only, and not the front. Nonetheless, itís still a nice place on which to take a stroll, or to spend the day with a book, reading, while the sights, sounds and smells of the sea envelope you.

The two story, glass walls of the King and I Dining Room! This is the most spectacular dining room at sea (along with sister ship Legend). The designers, instead of having the upper level extend outwards to the side walls, had them stop well short, in effect, creating mini atriums on both sides, and views unduplicated on any other ship!

The 42nd Street Theater. It encompasses two decks, with multilevel seating, but includes no balconies. The result is an open, high tech facility with perfect sight-lines from every seat. A true proscenium arch, and staggered seating make this the perfect venue for production shows. The stage includes computerized controls for motorized set changes and props which roll on and off stage on cue!

The Casino Royal. Intentionally designed just a bit smaller than would be normal, the casino is still a large facility. Here, the designers sought a bit of crowding to lend additional excitement to the facility. It works. There is nothing worse than a quiet casino. This one isnít!

Royal Caribbeanís Schooner Bar, a hallmark on every ship in the fleet. Nicely finished, wood floors, wonderful views of the sea and a nautical flavor make this a comfortable setting in which to get to know new friends. At night, the bar is transformed into a cozy piano bar.

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