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Clockwise, from upper right:

The King and I Dining Room. Quiet dinner music, supplied by a pianist,( not a player piano), or a string ensemble, fills the room each evening. The setting is plush, without being stuffy. Food, although good, could be improved and would benefit from a bit of added flexibility. No improvement is need for the Royal Caribbean breads though…they are still wonderful!!!

The Explorers Club. Located high in the ship, off of the Centrum, this is a quiet spot where passengers may reflect on the ocean and lose themselves in thought. A similar room, the Crown and Anchor Study, serves the same purpose on the opposite side of the ship.

The Card Room. Nicely furnished and provisioned, this room is so much more than the simple tables and chairs provided on some ships. Windowed walls provide gamers with spectacular ocean views.

The Library provides a good selection of books in an intimate, comfortable setting. Once again, in a setting offering wonderful views of the ocean through the floor to ceiling glass walls.

The Top Hat Lounge. This is the second showroom, used for cabaret and other stage acts. Also the site of Ocean Quest.

Clockwise, from top right:

The Windjammer Café. Once again, glass walls surround diners, offering views of the ocean. The Café is located high and forward, so over breakfast, passengers can watch the ships entry into the day's port of call. Tiered seating provides all tables with views of the sea. The space is a bit congested though, and gets very crowded during lunch hours. To avoid the crowds, wait a half hour after opening.

The buffet area of Windjammer. The area is a bit confusing, with many islands containing the various types of foods. It is likely that some passengers will have gone through their cruise, oblivious of some of the items offered here. Take your time and explore! The area is well maintained throughout the day.

The outdoor portion of Windjammer Café. The same spectacular views, potted plants, nice tables and chairs, but outside! The pool is just steps away.

The Viking Crown Lounge. By day, a marvelous observation lounge, not only for observing the sea, but also for gazing at the heavenly bodies lying by the pools. By night, it’s the setting for the late night dance club and disco. Heat generating solar rays are prevented by the roof overhang and the inward slanting windows.

In this view of the Viking Crown, we see some of the more cozy areas during the day. At night, the setting rocks with sound, lights and people!.

Splendour of the Greens, the ships 18 hole golf course. For purposes of crowd control, there is a greens fee charged, but, for a reasonable charge, a golf membership is also offered. The fee, includes unlimited play, a Splendour of the Greens cap, three logo balls, and complimentary passes for friends, all at a price consistent with the purchase of the cap and balls alone. The course is available for members 24 hours a day. At night, the area around the course provides a nicely lit, park-like setting in which all passengers can take a wonderfully romantic stroll.

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