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Clockwise, from upper right:

The Main Pool area: Consists of a large pool (at least, large for a ship), filled to overflow onto the surrounding wading area, flanked by two, sail cloth, shaded hot tubs. While this is a nice area, it is nowhere near as spacious as those on Royal Caribbean’s ships that are designed for year round, Caribbean sailing.

The Observatory. Located on the highest point, forward, in a darkened portion of the ship, the observatory is a perfect spot for stargazing. Automated star charts are provided in the two white structures located on the forward portion of the deck. They would be much more beneficial to passengers if instructions had been posted as to their use!

The Main Pool. On this ship, no potentially harmful rays are reflected up, into passenger’s eyes: the green carpeting surrounding the pools absorbs them! Chairs are plentiful, and the area is constantly maintained.

Yet another quiet area. This time, in the rear of the ship, and part of the Ship Shape Center. Of course floor to ceiling windows again provide ocean views!

The Solarium. This fully air conditioned pool area is covered by a movable, Crystal Canopy. Unlike magrodomes on other ships, this one moves as one piece, eliminating much of the heavy steel structural support which often blocks out a good portion of the sunlight. Notice the unusual height of the canopy. Unlike on most ships, where the domes are placed low, too low for the proportions of the room, leading many people to experience a closed in, claustrophobic feeling; here, the dome is situated over two stories high, leaving the room with an open, airy feeling! Even when closed, this space is enjoyable! Hot tubs flank the pool. The Pizzeria is also located here. The area is surrounded by glass walls, of course!

Top to bottom:

Club Ocean, the children’s playroom. A ball pool, kids sized furniture, and walls designed to be written on provide an excellent facility in which kids too, can have an enjoyable cruise experience.

Optix, the Teen Nightclub. A dance floor/stage, kid bar, and NO ADULTS allowed setting provides teens with their own space in which to feel special. Karaoke is included among the entertainment events.

And, for the big “kids”:

The Ship Shape Center provides a wide assortment of machines of torture, er, exercise. Along with……what else?…. Glass walls!

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