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Clockwise, from upper right:

The Pirate’s Cove. A small hideaway adjacent to the casino. This is the location of Karaoke and the Passenger Comedy Show.

The rear pool. It’s small, and feels kind of like being inside of a well. It is usually private though.

The library. At this time, books were checked out by the honor system. No longer!

The Princess Theater, for lectures and movies.

The Purser’s Lobby. The forerunner of an atrium!

And, a standard outside cabin, Cat C

Top to bottom:

Due to the many scenes filmed around the pool on the Love Boat TV series, this is the most famous pool area in cruising: The Crystal Pool. Separated into 3 sections, two for wading and one from swimming, well, treading water might be a better description of the activity that is possible to take place here. Pacific Princess has recently introduced “Dining Under the Stars”, which is held in this area once during the cruise. The location is also the site of the Italian Trattoria Buffet, the Gala Buffet, the Ten Country Buffet, as well as the normal luncheon buffets. The area is covered by a magradome, which sits a bit too low and can be a bit disconcerting for some people. (Incrediblly, the mistake is still being made by some less conscientious shipbuilders and cruise lines!) Also, it should be noted, that although covered, this area is NOT, nor can it be, temperature controlled.

The Starlight Lounge. This is the observation lounge. Unfortunately, the design of the ship, with an outside observation area forward of this lounge, restricts views. The windows are tinted with film which becomes reflective in the evening: no nighttime views of the sea here!!

The Carousel Lounge. This area was extensively refinished during the refitting. No longer is the dance floor surrounded by individual chairs, and the sound and light system was brought into the 90’s. This is not a bad place to watch a Princess presentation by dancers, who on this ship, quickly become your friends since they double as members of the cruise staff.

This ship has drawbacks due to her age and size. But, it also provides a cruise experience that is impossible to gain from today’s mega ships. The chances of cruising on an intimate ship, at attractive prices are becoming increasingly limited. I would recommend doing so while the opportunity remains!! Do it at least once so you can say, “I remember when…..”!!

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