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Starship Atlantic - Premier Cruise LIne

The Atlantic was built in France in 1982 for Home Lines. She became the third Big Red Boat for Premier in 1988, replacing the Royale. Atlantic has led a somewhat troubled carrier. Upon the completion of her inaugural voyage, her thin hull was pierced by one of the assisting tug boats as she entered her birth in New York. She was noted within Home Lines for her frequent breakdowns. Also, she was so subject to cross winds, that sponsons were later added to increase her stability.

Atlantic is 36,500 tons. 672 feet in length. 89.7 feet wide with a 25.5 foot draft. She was registered in Liberia with Italian Officers and a European crew. She is powered by diesel engines.

In 1997, the Atlantic was purchased by Mediterranean Shipping Cruises and is now sailing as the MV Melody.

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