SS Britanis

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SS Britanis - Chandris Fantasy Cruise Line

SS Britanis

Until recently, the SS Britanis was the Grand Lady of the Seas. Built in the United States in 1932 as the Lurline, she also saw service as the Matsonia and the Monterey. Chandris took her over for their Fantasy Cruise group, re-christening her Britanis. She last saw service in Cuba as a recreation and accommodation ship for US Troops.

Britanis was 26,141 tons. 641 feet long. 79 feet wide. Draws 28 feet. She was registered in Panama, and carried Greek Officers and an International crew.

She has two steam turbines.

Although scheduled for the breakers, she remains in Tampa Florida, awaiting a reprieve. Currently, the most viable alternate proposal regarding her futher involves her being towed to San Francisco, where she plans are to convert her to a hotel/restaurant, and entertainnment facility.

UPDATE (FINAL):On October 21, 2000, Britanis sank and was lost off the coast of Capetown, South Africa while under tow to the scrappers.

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