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Canberra - P & O Cruises

Canberra was built in the United Kingdom in 1961 for P & O. She was built specifically for Pacific Ocean Cruising, with the Britain to Australian run upper most in the owners minds. Canberra was one of the earliest ships to provide lifeboats, situated low and inboard, in cutout areas above the promenade; a design which was not to become commonplace for another 30 years. She also included a large pool and sundeck area, situated mid-ship, before the funnels, another feature not to be commonplace for years to come.

Canberra was 44,807 tons. 818 feet long. 102.5 feet wide with a 32.2 foot draft. She was registered in Great Britain, with British Officers and Crew. She was propelled by turbo diesels powering electric generators, yet another feature, well ahead of its time.

Once known as the “Great White Whale, the Canberra was retired in September of 1997, replaced by the newly constructed Oriana. I believe she has since been broken up.

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