TSS Carnivale

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TSS Carnivale - Carnival Cruise Lines

The TSS Carnivale was built in the United Kingdom in 1956. She entered service as Queen Anna Maria and later sailed as Empress of Britain for the Canadian Pacific Line. Carnival Cruise Lines bought her in the early 70ís as their second ship, renaming her Carnivale.

Carnivale is 27,250 tons. 640 feet in length. 87 feet wide. Draws 29 feet of water. She was registered in the Bahamas, had Italian officers and an international crew.

She was later renamed FiestaMarina, becoming part of a Carnival experiment in a Hispanic oriented cruise line. The promoters failed to understand that there was more to serving this market segment than language alone. Various Hispanic factions quickly complained that the food, entertainment and ambiance of the ship catered to one culture over another. The experiment was doomed to fail.

She was sold to Royal Olympic Cruises in 1994, sailing until 1998 as the TTS Olympic. Today, she sails as the Topaz for British based, Thomson Cruises.

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