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MS Celebration - Carnival Cruise Line

Celebration was built in Sweden in 1987. This is the third in the series that Carnival once called “Super Liners”. Compared to today’s ships, they are far from super, in fact, many refer to them as small! How times do change the way we view things! Celebration was the first ship to which Kathie Lee Gifford was appointed Godmother, (the other being Ecstasy.). Celebration continued the tradition begun by her two sisters, of a single, wide promenade, which, becomes the boulevard for each evenings activities. Every Carnival ship has its own particular bit of whimsy, On Celebration, it happens to be a trolley car, parked outside of the casino! It’s a fun design, but will provide what is far from a traditional cruise experience!

Celebration is 47,262 tons. 732.6 feet long. 92.5 feet wide with a 25.5 foot draft. She is Liberian registered with Italian Officers and an International crew. She is diesel propelled.

Celebration was the subject of some negative publicity after catching fire and losing all power. It was the Ecstasy that came to her rescue, removing passengers for the return trip to Miami. It was in July of 1998 that that ship too had a problem with a fire on board. Hmmm...let's see....Celebration, Ecstasy.....what do they have in common?? Ah ha, Kathie Lee is Godmother to them both!!

Celebration was also the vessel that sailed into a freighter, outbound from Cuba (in 1991, I believe?), incurring considerable damage to her bow. The Captain claimed not to have seen it! Yeah, right! You'd think these Italian Captains would have learned their lesson after the Andrea Doria!! YIELD!!!! Steering a liner with a shipload of passengers is NOT the time to show your Italian bravado and stubborn nature!

Celebration has one twin sister, The Jubilee, and one sister that is a virtual, but not perfect twin, The Holiday.

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