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MS Century - Celebrity Cruises

The Century was built in Germany in 1995 for Chandris Celebrity Cruise Line (The Chandris portion of the name was later dropped to cover up the negative connotations of the name.) , the first of three, near identical sister ships. These ships are marketed by Celebrity as providing an “upscale” cruise experience, (“Let us exceed your expectations!”, “Simply the Best”, etc). That is simply an illusion of the Public Relations Staff! This IS NO UPSCALE SHIP!! In fact, of all the ships on which I have sailed, it provides a cruise experience that is at or near the bottom of the list! They excel only in their own minds and never came close to even meeting my expectations, or those with whom I spoke on board. There, simply, is nothing upscale about having your port purchases checked for liquor, which is confiscated if found! Problems with the ship and its operation abound. The tour attempts to point out some of these deficiencies.

This ship IS quite capable of providing a superior experience for anyone willing to spend the money to stay in one of the 52, or so suites on board! There, passengers are well cared for by private butler service with access to complete in suite dining experiences (Those staying in regular cabins are limited to 4 cold sandwiches and pizza. No meals!) . Masseurs are available to provide their services in the comfort of one’s own suite. Combined with the Aqua Spa, one of the best spa facilities at sea, this can be one wonderful vacation! NOTE: THIS is where Celebrity tries to accommodate critics, with the obvious intent of forming a positive opinion of the ship and thus buying positive reviews. Inevitably, the critics fall into the trap, never realizing that their experience is NOT representative of that provided to the other 1900 passengers! They may peek into some standard cabins, but never having lived there, have no idea of the actual conditions!

Century is 70,606 tons. 807.1 feet long. 105.6 feet wide with a 24.6 foot draft. She is registered in Liberia with Greek Officers and an International Crew. Power is supplied by diesel engines, which, due to her design, create significant discomfort for passengers unfortunate enough to be located in the wrong portion of the dining room, placed low and aft in the ship. Interior design comes from a team of designers, headed by Katzourakis and McNeece.

Sister ships include Galaxy and Mercury (stooping to a new low, naming ships after American Automobiles). Both ships benefited from the mistakes made on Century, with improved passenger flow, accessibility to the sea, and cabin design.

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