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MYS Club Med 1 - Club Med Cruises

Club Med 1 was built in France in 1990 for the newly formed Club Med Cruises. Club Med, long successful at land based casual resorts, tried to expand into the rapidly expanding cruise market, but with their special Club Med touch. Instead of professional cruise and entertainment staff, Club Med used their perky but untrained GOís, resulting in what appeared to many as High School like productions.

Club Med 1 is 14,745 tons. 613.5 feet long. 65.6 feet wide with a 16.4 foot draft. She is registered in the Bahamas with Italian Officers and French/Filipino crew. Primary propulsion is provided by diesel engines, assisted by the computer controlled sails. Her over all design is very similar to that of the WindStar Vessels, albeit at twice the size. The most apparent difference setting Club Med ships from their WindStar counterparts is the addition of an additional mast on the Club Med ships for a total of 5. (vs. 4 on WindStar)

Club Med 1 has one twin sister ship, Club Med 2. She was sold to WindStar cruises and began sailing for them in March 1998 as their new Wind Surf. Negotiations are under way for the similar transfer of Club Med 2, so ending Club Medís venture into the Cruise Industry.

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