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MV CostaClassica - Costa Cruises

The CostaClassica was built in Italy for Costa Cruises in 1992. She has the same, “pointed ended box” design used by Celebrity and Carnival cruise ships: a design that provides the opportunity to build a large ship for a minimal financial outlay. Instead of building an externally lovely ship, her Italian designers lavished CostaClassica with some of the most costly furnishings and décor found on any ship. Unfortunately, as they, later discovered, costly is not always best! While fine marble may be attractive, it does not lend itself to providing the best acoustical properties, and CostaClassica, due to its lavish use, suffers accordingly. Also, most marine architects know, that marble is heavy, and should never be used in quantity on a vessel in an area where it is likely to disturb the vessel’s center of gravity. CostaClassica’s designers must, certainly, have missed that class: not only is marble used low, in the “Central Lobby” area, where, aside from sounding like a echo chamber, its use is appropriate, but it is used throughout the public deck areas, which occupy THE UPPER 5 DECKS OF THE SHIP! This in one top heavy vessel! There was talk of the marble being removed and shaved in an effort to reduce the high center of gravity, but I can not confirm whether the corrections were ever actually performed.

Overall, the interior ambiance found on CostaClassica is best compared to being in a Mausoleum. Not exactly conducive to repeat business. CostaClassica was never a success with Americans, and was soon removed from the American Market !

CostaClassica is 52,930 tons. 718.5 feet long. 98.4 feet wide with a 25 foot draft. She is registered in Liberia, with Italian Officers and an International Crew. She is diesel powered. Angie Dickenson is one of her appointed Godmothers.

CostaClassica has one, near identical twin, CostaRomantica. CostaRomantica benefited from the experience gained from CostaClassica and was fitted with warmer, lighter, and more sound absorbent woods in lieu of marble. She replaced CostaClassica in the American Market and continues to appeal to Americans seeking an Italian themed cruise experience.

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