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SS CostaRiviera - Costa Cruises

The CostaRiviera was built in Italy in 1963 as the Guglielmo Marconi. She was bought by Costa in 1985 and renamed CostaRiviera. To modernize her in the style of cruise ships of the day, Costa performed major surgery on her foredeck, adding the “cabin cruiser” design forward of the Bridge. The resultant lines give the appearance of two different vessels from different periods having been spliced together. In essence, this is exactly what happened.

CostaRiviera is 31,500 tons. 701 feet long. 94 feet wide and has a 28.3 foot draft. She is propelled by steam turbines. Registered in Liberia, she carries Italian officers and an international crew. (So much for “Cruising Italian Style!”).

CostaRiviera’s sister ship, the Galileo Galilei went on to become Celebrity’s Meridian.

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