MV Cunard Countess

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MV Cunard Countess - Cunard Line

The Cunard Countess was built in Denmark and fitted out in Italy in 1976 for Cunard. She continued their cautious entrée into the world of Caribbean Cruising. Inexpensively built, she is the boat many are speaking of when they talk about hearing conversations and disconcerting noises from adjacent cabins with perfect clarity! The walls were paper thin with no soundproofing!!

Cunard Countess was 17,593 tons. 536.6 feet long. 74.5 feet wide with a 22.2 foot draft. She was registered in the Bahamas with British Officers and an International crew.

In 1996, she was sold to Awani Cruises becoming Awani Dream II. Awani Cruises has since ceased operations. She was subsequently bought by Royal Olympic Cruises for whom she currently sails as their "Olympic Countess."

Cunard Countess has a virtual twin, Cunard Princess, which is currently sailing for Mediterranean Shipping Cruises as the MV Rhapsody.

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