MS Discovery I

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MS Discovery I - Discovery Cruises

Congratulations! You have been “awarded” the opportunity to take advantage of a “ Luxury Cruise Vacation” to the Bahamas”: that is the way the letter or phone call begins. This is the ship!

Discovery I was built in The United Kingdom in 1970 as the Venus Venturer. Subsequently, she has sailed as Scandinavian Sea, and Blenheim. Since 1986, she has operated for Discovery Cruise Line as a passenger ferry, transporting passengers from ports in Florida to the Bahamas, a passage of just a few hours duration. Cabins are not assigned, but may be purchased for an additional fee.

Discovery is 12,244 tons. 490 feet long and she is 66 feet wide. She is registered in Panama, and carries Officers and Crew of unknown origin, some of whom even speak English. She is diesel powered.

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