WARNING: Never attempt to go on Ecstasy without a pair of dark glasses!!

Clockwise, from upper left:

The Grand Atrium Plaza, location of the Pursers and Shore Excursion desks.

The Grand Atrium. The neon colors change throughout the day….red……green…..blue…. Celebrity has a similar, though far less dramatic light change show on their newest ships.

The Neon Bar….the piano bar for sing alongs. Features microphones located along the bar for the uninhibited….or intoxicated who think they can sing!!

City Lights Boulevard. Here you can see the Roll Royce “parked” in front of the Chinatown and Stripes night clubs.

The Metropolis Bar….just outside the Crystal Palace Casino, in the background.

I told you that you'd need to wear sunglasses!!

Top to bottom:

City of Lights Boulevard. The main thoroughfare of Ecstasy. This is the place to see and be seen.

The Panorama Bar & Grill. This is the Informal café.

The main pool with the Famous Carnival Slide.

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