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MS Ecstasy - Carnival Cruise Line

Ecstasy is the second in a fleet of eight virtually identical ships. Built in Finland in 1991, she is endowed with such whimsical items as a 1950’s diner and a classic Rolls Royce parked on her Promenade. Conservative and traditional would not be words used to describe the Ecstasy.

Ecstasy is 70,367 tons. 855.8 feet long. 104 feet wide with a 25.9 foot draft. She is registered in Liberia with Italian Officers and an international crew. Power is supplied by diesel/electric. This is Kathie Lee Gifford’s boat – she inaugurated her and is the Godmother! "In the morning, in the evening, ain't we got fun......"

Ecstasy was the subject of recent bad publicity due to a dramatic and highly visible fire in her stern section. Although Carnival often brags about the sophistication of the safety equipment on its ships, the fire was brought to the attention of the Captain by the, shore based, Coast Guard station, not its own internal sensors. They can have the most sophisticated equipment in the world, but if no one reads the instruction manual........

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