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MS Fantasy - Carnival Cruise Lines

The Fantasy was built 1990 in Finland, for Carnival, as the first of 8 sister ships, all virtually identical except for the theme of the décor. Fantasy is well named with public areas such as: Cleopatra’s Bar, with Egyptian hieroglyphics and mummy casks; and, Cats Lounge, with its 8 foot cans of cat food, truly “giant” sized boxed of Tide detergent, and bottle top tables—directly from the Broadway musical. These ships are designed for fun and not for traditional cruising. FUN is the operative word! While old salts may be disappointed by the lack of such cruise staples as an observation lounge or a promenade, this ship is not designed for traditionalists. She is an ideal ship for someone desiring to try a first cruise, but for whom being at sea is not an attraction: there are few views of the sea! All activity is geared towards the confinement of the ship, and away from the ocean.

Fantasy is 70,367 tons. 856 feet long. 104 feet wide with a 26 foot draft. She is registered in Liberia, sports Italian officers and an International crew. Power is supplied by diesel/electric.

Sister ships include: Ecstasy, Sensation, Fascination, Imagination, Inspiration, Elation and, Paradise.

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