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MS Pacific Princess - Princess Cruises

This is it: The LOVE BOAT!! The ship that brought cruising to the attention of the public. The Pacific Princess was built in Germany in 1971. Originally named Sea Venture for Flagship Cruises, she was bought by Princess Cruises and given her current name. She is known for her small cabins, which are easily overlooked by most passengers because of the great exotic locations to which sails.

Pacific Princess is 20,000 tons. 553.6 feet long. 81 feet wide with a 24.5 foot draft. She is registered in Great Britain with British Officers and an International Crew. She is diesel powered.

The Pacific Princess was extensively re-decorated in 1993 in an attempt to bring her up to the standards of the rest of the Princess fleet. The pictures included in THIS tour are of her, prior to these modifications

Pacific Princess, was decommissioned on November 12, 2002. She and her former sister, Island Princess, sorely, will be missed! A new Pacific Princess enters the Princess Fleet in 2003. One of the former Renaissance ships, this new Pacific Princess promises a small ship, intimate experience similar to (maybe even better than) that provided by the original. Welcome lovely lady!!

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