MS Island Princess

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MS Island Princess - Princess Cruises

Island Princess was built in Germany in 1972 for Flagship Cruises. She began life as Island Venture. She was bought by Princess two years later, when she was given her current moniker. Later, her sister ship, Sea Venture was also brought into the fleet, opening the door for fame with the famous Love Boat TV show. Island Princess was often used for that show, although not on the regular basis as was her sister, Pacific Princess.

Island Princess 20,000 tons. 553.6 feet long. 81 feet wide with a 24.5 foot draft. She is registered in Great Britain, with British Officers and an International Crew. She is powered by some very noisy, diesel engines. The noise carries through to the passenger cabins.

Cabins on Island Princess are very small, but quite usable. Like those on most ships of the era, they were built for sleeping and changing, not for living during the day. There is, after all, an entire ship to provide entertainment and comfort, so why spent waking hours in the cabin!!??

Island Princess was extensively re-decorated in 1992. She is currently looking very good, in the hopes of presenting herself in the most favorable light for new buyers. She is expected to be sold and to leave the fleet within the year. She has a twin sister ship, Pacific Princess.

Island Princess was sold and was decommisioned on April 3, 1999. She now sails for Hyundai Merchant Marine of South Korea as the "HYUNDAI PUNGAK-HO."

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