TS Maxim Gorki

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TS Maxim Gorki - Phoenix Seereisen

The Maxim Gorki was built in Germany in 1969 as the Hamburg for German Atlantic Line. In 1973, she was renamed Hanseatic, the name she sailed under until she was laid up three months later due to the oil crisis. Sold to the Black Sea Steamship Company in 1974, she was given the moniker under which she still sails. Although her name remains the same, she now sails for Phoenix Seereisen, which, I believe, is the capitalist company formed out of Black Sea Steamship Company after the end of the Cold War.

Maxim Gorki has managed to gain a bit of fame over the years, through events in which she has been involved. She was the ship threatened by the mad terrorist bomber in the early 1970’s film, “Juggernaut.”, sailing under her film identity, “Britannic”. Ironically, 1975 saw here hitting the world stage after a bomb exploded while cruising off of San Juan. In 1989, Maxim Gorki drew world headlines after she rammed arctic ice near Norway, coming perilously close to sinking. Later that same year, she became the site of a major summit meeting between President George Bush and Premier Mikhail Gorbachev. Things have been quiet for her since.

Maxim Gorky is 24,981 tons. 638.8 feet long 87.3 feet wide with a 27 foot draft. She is now registered in the Bahamas, the Russians, too realizing the benefits of flying a flag of convenience versus the Soviet flag she formerly bore. She uses Russian/Ukrainian Officers and Crew and is powered by steam turbines.

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