SS Meridian

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SS Meridian - Celebrity Cruises

The Meridian was built in Italy in 1963 as the Galileo Galilei. Her name was later shortened to Galileo. She sailed for Chandris Fantasy Cruise Line in that capacity until 1990, when her name was changed to Meridian and she was presented to the cruise public as a NEW ship! The first of many exaggerated claims made by Celebrity about its product!

Meridian was 30,440 tons. 701 feet long. 94.1 feet wide and had a 28.3 foot draft. She was powered by steam turbines. She was registered in Panama, with Greek Officers and an International Crew.

Meridian was sold and removed from the fleet in 1997 (suddenly, Celebrity acknowledged she was an OLD ship!). She is now sailing Southeast Asia as Sun Vista for Sun Cruises. Good Riddance!

She is a sister ship to Costa's CostaRiveria.

On May 20, 1999, Sun Vista caught fire and sank off the coast of Malaysia, shortly after sailing from Phuket, Thailand.

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