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MS Nordic Prince - Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Nordic Prince was built in Finland for Royal Caribbean in 1971, the second of three sister ships for the company. It was shortly after the introduction of these three ships that Royal Caribbean found the need to add additional berths, post haste. In a decision designed to save time, the decision was made to “stretch” the existing three ships (Song of Norway, Nordic Prince and Sun Viking.) The Nordic Prince was the second to return to the Finnish yard to be stretched with the addition of an 85 foot mid-section. Sun Viking’s turn never came though. Prior to her return, Royal Caribbean was presented with an opportunity to build an entirely new class of ship, one almost twice the size of the existing fleet mates. The ship was built and became the Song of America. Sun Viking never did return to the yard.

Prior to being “stretched” Nordic Prince was: 18,416 tons. 550 feet long. 80 feet wide with a 22 foot draft. AFTER the “stretch, in 1980, she was: 23,200 tons and 637 feet long. She is diesel powered, and registered in Norway with Norwegian Officers and an International Crew.

In 1995, Nordic Prince was sold to Airtours Sun Cruises. Prior to being turned over, the renowned “Viking Crown Lounge” was removed and stored for some yet to be determined use. She now sails as The MS Carousel, and, with her newly altered profile, still visits her old stomping grounds in the Caribbean during the winter months.

Nordic Prince has 2 virtually identical sister ships: The Song of Norway, currently sailing as The Sundream for Airtours; and the Sun Viking, now the SuperStar Sagittarius, for Star Cruises in Asia.

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