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SS Norway - Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norway was built in France in 1962, and was named SS France. Designed for transatlantic sailing’s, she soon fell victim to the speed of the Boeing 707’s and was withdrawn from service just 12 years later in 1974. She was purchased in 1979 by Norwegian Caribbean Line, (later to become Norwegian Cruise Line) and rebuilt as a classic Caribbean Cruise Liner. Re-dubbed Norway, she entered service in 1980. During the conversion process, one of her two giant engine rooms was gutted, reducing her from a fleet footed greyhound with a service speed of 30 knots, to a more economic, comfortable, and practical “cruiser” with a speed of 22.

In 1992, Norway underwent an expansion project whereby the addition of 2 top decks and 6,000 tons transformed her, once again, into the worlds largest cruise ship. Although she no longer holds claim to that title, she does continue to hold the claim as ‘longest passenger ship ever to have been built”. This title is not in immediate jeopardy of being taken from her.

Norway is (was) 76,049 (70,202) tons. 1035 feet long. 110 feet wide with a 35.4 (34) foot draft. She is registered in the Bahamas, with Norwegian Officers and an International crew. She is powered by 4 props driven by steam turbines.

In the pictures above, note the top picture was taken in 1990, before her refurbishment, and the bottom in 1992, after she was once again the worlds largest liner.

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