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StarShip Oceanic - Premier Cruise Line

The SS Oceanic was built in Italy in 1965 for the former Home Lines. She sailed with them until 1986, at which time she was bought by Premier and re-christened by Ms. Minnie Mouse as the StarShip Oceanic. Her painted red hull led in recent years to her being known, informally, as the Big Red Boat.

Oceanic is 38,772 tons. 782 feet in length. 96.5 feet wide. Draws 28 feet of water. Her interior design was the responsibility of A & M Katzourakis who later gained fame as the primary designers of the Celebrity ships. The Oceanic is currently registered in the Bahamas, and carries Greek Officers.

Driven by Steam Turbines, she is a very quiet ship, and one of the few steam ships still sailing from American ports.

Her Red Hull, in addition to being a major distinguishing characteristic, is also one of economy. Since it matches, exactly, the color of rust, it reduces the need to paint.

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