SS Rotterdam

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SS Rotterdam - Holland America Line

Rotterdam was built in 1959 in Holland for Holland America Line. She was a dual purpose ship, designed for dual class transatlantic crossings as well as single class cruising. In her role as a transatlantic steamer, passengers could be, and were, segregated into First and Tourist Class, never the twain shall meet!

When introduced, the design of Rotterdam was considered radical. Traditionalists bemoaned the absence of the traditional funnel. In its place: twin uptakes with no room to place the lines livery. This was a design that was used by few other ships, and when it was used, the line occasionally installed a fake funnel to satisfy the traditionalists.

The Rotterdam was 38,645 tons. 748.6 feet long. 94.1 feet wide with a 29.6 foot draft. She was registered in the Netherlands with Dutch Officers and Filipino/Indonesian crew. She is powered by steam turbines.

Rotterdam was retired from the fleet in September 97, replaced as Flagship of the line by Rotterdam VI. She now sails for Premier Cruises as the SS Rembrandt.

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