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The Royal Princess was built in Finland in 1984 for Princess Cruises, it’s first new ship. Innovative at the time of her launch, she was the first cruise liner to provide passengers with all outside accommodations. She also strayed somewhat from tradition by locating her public areas low down on the ship, with cabins above. The design works wonderfully!

An obvious eye was kept on twin sisters Pacific and Island Princess, when penning the design of Royal Princess. The result is that anyone familiar with either of those ships will immediately be familiar with Royal Princess: most public areas are in the exact same location and reminiscent in appearance. The famous “Love Boat” pool has been expanded from the simple clover leaf design of her fleet-mates, but still instantly recognizable as belonging to the same family.

Royal Princess is 44,348 tons. 754.5 feet long. 95.8 feet wide with a 25.5 foot draft. She is registered in Great Britain with British Officers and an International Crew. She is propelled by diesel engines, which, due to its low location, causes a bit of excess vibration in certain areas of the dining room.

Royal Princess bares the great honor of having been inaugurated by H.R.H. Princess Diana of Wales. Long may she rein the seas, our memories, and our hearts!!

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