Top to bottom, left to right:

The International Bar.

A quiet portion of the Princess Court.

The Bridge Lounge. Donít even think about walking though here when play is going on. These people take their bridge play very seriously, and theyíre mean!

The interior Promenade, outside of the boutique and casino.

Clockwise from top left:

The Riviera Bar.

The Riviera Club. This is the second theater used for dancing, and Cabaret entertainment.

The Horizon Lounge. The observation lounge, and an excellent one it is!

The sculpted and tiered rear decks of the Royal Princess.

The Royal Princessís version of the Crystal Pools with integrated hot tub, shower, wading, and main pool areas.

The Lap Pool, once, the largest pool at sea, forward and high on Sun Deck.

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