MS Seaward/Norwegian Sea

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MS Seaward/Norwegian Sea - Norwegian Cruise Line

The Seaward was built in Finland in 1988 for an undisclosed Cruise Line. The ship was refused and was then sold to Norwegian Cruise Line. She duplicated many of the features seen first on Song of America: small cabins, large public areas, and expansive pool area. Unfortunately, the yard seems to have scrimped in her final fitting out: metal, unfinished promenade deck, plain superstructure devoid of forward observation areas, etc. She does offer an alternative dining area, one of the earliest, new era cruse ships to do so.

Seaward/Norwegian Sea is 42,276 tons. 709 feet long. 95.1 feet wide and has a 23 foot draft. She is propelled by diesel electric engines/motors. Seaward is registered in the Bahamas, and carries Norwegian officers and an international crew.

In keeping with NCL’s new image and tradition of naming its ships, the name was changed from Seaward to Norwegian Sea in 1997.

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