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TSS Sky Princess - Princess Cruises

Sky Princess was built in France in 1984 for Sitmar Cruise Line as their FairSky. She shall always be remembered as being “the last Steam powered ship to have been built”. What was Sitmar thinking?? 1984, solidly in the age of reliable and efficient diesel/electric propulsion, and this line was building Steam Ships! DUH!!

FairSky became Sky Princess in 1989 as a result of the buyout of Sitmar by Princess. She suffers from a rather disjointed layout, with public areas seemingly scattered haphazardly throughout the ship. Nobody killed any brain cells during the design process of this ship! On a positive note, she does offer good facilities for children, one of the positive benefits Princess inherited from Sitmar. Of course, this ship sails exotic destinations, attracting much older groups of passengers, where “kid” could be considered anyone under “50”! But, there are facilities for children!!

FairSky is 43,692 tons. 788.6 feet long. 91.3 feet wide with a 26.7 foot draft. She is propelled by steam turbines. Last reports had her registered in Britain with British Officers and an International crew. She was registered in Liberia with Italian Officers, but when Princess decided to place her on exotic itineraries, they re-flagged and re-staffed her with Brits. I’ve heard rumor of returning her to Italian officers, but this is not confirmed.

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