MS Sovereign of the Seas

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Sovereign of the Seas - Royal Caribbean International

Sovereign of the Seas was built in France for Royal Caribbean in 1988. At the time, she was the largest cruise ship ever built. Sovereign introduced the world to many of what were to become industry mainstays such as multi-story atriums with scenic elevators, and which provide the hub for ship board activity. The Atrium, or rather, the Centrum in Royal Caribbean terminology, provides the mealtime gathering spot where passengers waiting to enter the twin dining rooms are entertained by musicians providing quiet before dinner entertainment. Sovereign of the Seas, like her sisters, was designed for 7 day Caribbean cruising. The size of her passenger cabins reflects this purpose…they are small! But, they are also well planned and executed! The trade off for the small cabins? Large and numerous public areas!

Sovereign of the Seas is 73,192 tons. 873.6 feet long. 105.6 feet wide with a 24.7 foot draft. She is registered in Norway with Norwegian officers and an International crew. She is diesel powered. Sovereign of the Seas was Christened by Roslyn Carter, wife of President Jimmy Carter and frequent passengers on the ships of Royal Caribbean.

Sister ships include: Monarch of the Seas and Majesty of the Seas.

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