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MS Star Princess - Princess Cruise Lines

Star Princess was built in France as the Fair Majesty, the first of a trio of sister ships for Sitmar Cruise Line. Before being released by the yard, Sitmar was purchased by Princess Cruises and Fair Majesty became Star Princess. The purchase took place too late for Princess to have any influence on her design. Her sisters, Crown and Regal Princess do show a bit of Princess influence, but still, not enough to correct certain, disjointed, design elements. Star Princess was christened by Audrey Hepburn in 1989

Star Princess is 63,564 tons. 805.7 feet long. 105.6 feet wide with a 25 foot draft. She has diesel/electric propulsion; was registered in Liberia, and carried Italian officers and an international staff.

In 1997, Star Princess was transferred to the parent company’s P & O division, becoming Arcadia. She is now marketed toward the British market and sails world wide.

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