Clockwise, from upper left:

The Plaza Atrium, your elegant entrance to Star Princess;

Windows To The World, the round observation lounge atop the ship. The area was underutilized as a lounge , and had a grab bar situated directly in the sitelines of those utilizing it for viewing the ocean;

The Hot Tubs and Paradise Pool;

Pronto Pizzeria. Provided the best food on the ship, and operated by Brits. Go figure!;

Café Cornucopia. Well located, with good traffic flow, BUT, had Resin furniture and hot food that was often icy cold. Service was spotty with dirty tables and spills going long unnoticed.

Clockwise, from upper right:

Another view of the The Plaza Atrium;

The trademark Princess Champagne waterfall…held in the Plaza Atrium;

The Fountain Court Dining Room. Located in the rear of the ship, the dining room was subject to significant motion when sailing rough seas. Those with queasy stomachs would do well to avoid the rear section since motion is especially pronounced there.

Food, Selection and Service were disappointing. For the Welcome Dinner, the menu listed Pork Chops and baked beans. It didn’t get better, at least not on this ship. Service was lacking. One evening we waited for our entrée while the rest of the table was being served dessert. The design of the ship places the galley on the deck below the dining room. Waiters utilize escalators to move back and forth. The design didn’t work! Crown and Regal Princess utilize the same design, and hopefully, with the subsequent years of experience since I sailed her, the shortcomings have been overcome. Overall, the dining experience was very similar to what we later encountered on Celebrity’s Century: poor!

The Starlight Show Lounge. A lovely room with good facilities. BUT, seating on the upper level was good only for listening. Sitelines were nonexistent.

The Library. Princess ships always have comfortable, well stocked libraries. At the time, books were borrowed according to the honor system, the library was open 24 hours with no supervision. Apparently, changing passenger demographics have forced Princess to join the rest of the Lines in checking books out only at designated times and under close supervision.

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