MS Tropicale

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MS Tropicale - Carnival Cruise Line

Tropicale is the first of Carnival’s “new builds” and the prototype for all that followed. Here, for the first time, was the appearance of Carnival’s distinctive “whale-tail” funnel. The overall layout though, did not yet reflect Carnival’s innovative design elements. Instead of the single boulevard used in later ships, Tropicale maintains a more traditional, double promenade design. Also, unlike on subsequent Carnival ships, the dining room on Tropicale is centralized and placed low, in the position usually reserved for Atlantic Steamers: stable, but lacking views.

Tropicale was built in 1982 in Denmark especially for Carnival Cruise Line. She is 36,674 tons. 671.7 feet long. 86.7 feet wide with a 23.3 foot draft. She is registered in Liberia, uses Italian Officers and an International crew. She is diesel powered.

For a short period, Tropicale was transferred to Korea, intended to sail for a joint venture Asian cruise company. The deal fell through, and the ship was returned to service for Carnival, having never sailed for the new line.

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