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MYS Wind Song - Windstar Cruises

Wind Song was built in 1987 in France for Windstar Cruises. She is known as a ďWind Assisted, Motorized Sailing VesselĒ. The sails, while supplementing the engines, do not provide the main propulsion. Donít look for sailors climbing the rigging on Wind Song: Sails are computer controlled. All furling, unfurling and setting are controlled by the computer. The passenger experience is one of relaxation, donít expect a structured entertainment schedule on this vessel.

Wind Song is 5,703 tons. 440 feet long. 51.8 feet wide with a 13.4 foot draft. She is registered in the Bahamas with British Officers and Indonesian/Filipino crew. Main propulsion is provided by Diesel/Electric.

Windstar Cruises was acquired by Holland America and became a wholly own subsidiary. Holland America was subsequently acquired by Carnival Cruises. Itís hard to think of this as a Carnival ship!

Wind Song has two identical sister ships: Wind Star and Wind Spirit.

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