MV Zenith

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MV Zenith - Celebrity Cruises

Zenith was built in Germany in 1992 for Chandris Celebrity Cruises. Chandris had previously run Chandris Fantasy Cruises, Chandris Celebrity being the replacement name because of negative passenger connotations of the Fantasy line. For the same reason, the name was later shortened to “Celebrity Cruises” the Chandris name being eliminated completely. The ruse seems to have worked with most people. Regardless of the name change, this IS the same Line, with newer ships!

Zenith is 47,256 tons. 681 feet long. 95.1 feet wide with a 23.6 foot draft. She is registered in Liberia, with Greek Officers and an International crew. She is diesel powered.

Zenith has a virtually identical sister ship, the Horizon, the most recognizable difference being the horizontal blue lines on the rear upper decks of Zenith.

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